The Apocalyptic Cookbook Vol 3: You don't have to eat bugs when SHTF!

The Apocalyptic Cookbook Vol 3: You don't have to eat bugs when SHTF!


If you're worried about food options when or if they institute mandatory measures that you plan to refuse (think vaccinations), that doesn't have to mean starvation. There are thousands of really good wild edible options growing just about everywhere. 


Learn about the various types of wild edibles (this is an intro, not an all inclusive guide) growing throughout the US. Also, learn about the toxins found within wild edibles (what makes them scary) and what they'll really do to the body when you eat them. Lastly, take a quick tour through food manipulation or at least peek at the entrance of the rabit hole and see for yourself. If you're afraid of a dandlion, don't ever look into the preservatives we're currently eating!


Buy and print for your own Apocalyptic Cookbook just in case they hit the internet kill switch and this kind of information is no longer available.

   The Apocalyptic Cookbook  

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