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Our privacy policy is simple. We aren't tracking anything. We don't want your email. We'll never contact you unless it's to ask your permission to use something you submit to us. We won't annoy you with light boxes or pop-ups or anything for that matter. If you came here, you came here for information. Just as a side note, apparently WIX does it's own 'tracking'. That's not us. 


There aren't even any ad's on this site -- ON PURPOSE. We respect your privacy so much that we don't WANT to know who you are. We're not trying to sell you anything (except books). Yes, we have bills to pay and there is a "shop" icon. That's for the books and stock footage. If you want it -- we reckon you know where to find it. 

This is supposedly some kind of law in some countries to clearly state the "privacy policy". We get it. We really do. However, I personally can't find my cell phone (while it's in my hand) half the time much less have the wherewithal to locate your email and or IP address. I'm glad someone out there has the brass to stand up to big business. We aren't a big business and therefore do not house nor even want the technology that comes with tracking 'customers'. We personally despise the monitoring being done by Big Brother and prize our OWN privacy. That said, we have no intention of scrutinizing yours. 

Thanks for taking the time to read this. We hope that your internet perusing isn't too bombarded with nonsense. 

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There are no ads or annoying popups on this site whatsoever and for good reason. Hell will freeze over before I let advertisers take control of my content. If you like what you see, help us keep it free from ads. Donate here: PayPal | Subscribe Star | Patreon