Watercress: Now that I have it, what do I do with it?

Nutritional and General Info: Finding reliable information on this plant was crazy easy. People have been eating this plant for centuries and for good reason, it’s insanely good for you. Nutrition aside, this plant has a unique feature, it’s better when it’s eaten raw.

Warnings: None identified.

Toxic Look Alikes: None identified.

Edible Parts: Leaves, Stalks, Flowers

What do you do with watercress?

  • The prep for this plant is the same regardless of the part.

  • Wash and soak prior to use.

  • Can be cooked like spinach

  • Can be lightly fried

  • Can be steamed

  • Can be added to wraps and salads

  • Use right after harvest, wilts quickly

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