Nutritional and General Info: Toothwort (or Milk Maids) has a short growing season and you will likely find it growing among other foliage in the forest somewhere near the shade. This plant is within the mustard family and will taste similar in nature to pepper. Harvest before early summer. By the time it’s hot, the leaves wilt and turn yellow.

Warnings: None identified.

Toxic Look Alikes: Poison ivy and toothwort look similar early on, be careful when you harvest.

USDA Zone: 3 through 8

Edible Parts: Leaves and Roots

What do you do with toothwort leaves?

  • Wash and soak prior to use.

  • Can be eaten raw

  • Can be added to salads

  • Can be used in soups or stews

  • Can be steamed or boiled

What do you do with toothwort roots?

  • Leave the root out in the sun for a few days. Dramatically improves taste.

  • Breaks easily during harvest.

  • Wash and soak.

  • Toothwort roots can be baked like potatoes.

  • Toothwort roots can also be steamed or boiled.

  • Season to taste.

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