This Week in Crazy: Extremism

I'm pretty sure our government has been taken over by professionally offended, over-zealous, social injustice, billionaire-sponsored, selfie-taking, safe space seeking, puppy cuddling tide pod eaters who identify as pop tarts while holding "BeLiEvE in ScIeNcE" posters at protests.

Did you catch this video? I still haven't picked my chin up from the floor. This can't possibly be happening in the 21st century. . . but, here it is just as predicted in Orwell's 1984 (which he wrote in 1949). With astonishing accuracy, we are now living in a nightmare dystopia where absolutely nothing makes any sense. Out entire social paradigm has shifted.

You tell me if this is the America you remember from your youth.

I'm sure my blood pressure just went up a notch or two after having watched this clip. We heard literally nothing truthful out of the mainstream media THE ENTIRE SUMMER when hoards of violent rioters were burning down cities and declaring quadrants of certain cities "Autonomous Zones". There were only a handful of people willing to publicly condemn their actions.

On the contrary, when the Capitol was stormed, EVERYONE was paying attention. Violence, regardless of political affiliation, IS NEVER ACCEPTABLE. So, what's Uncle Sam's brilliant response?

Let's call all white people terrorists from now on and monitor their every move. Oh, and anyone who happens to be Christian. We also have to keep those patriot types from ever having any degree of power again too. In fact, let's "deprogram" everyone on the right, even those who slightly lean to the right, just to be sure they know how wrong they are.

Molon Labe.

I will not apologize for existing nor will I ask this of anyone who differs from me. It's called common decency and it, officially, has left the building. If nothing else, each of us (regardless of political affiliation, religion, ethnicity, background, socio-economic status or any other imaginary designation), needs to own our place in this world and take a stand -- even if we disagree. They're coming after the right right now. Believe me, leftie, you're next. The elite, the very ones behind this plot to destroy our sovereignty, consider each of us nothing but useless eaters consuming what is rightfully theirs. The right is just easier to pick on because it consists of people who are not burning down city blocks and holding social media hostage with ridiculous demands.

By even hinting that the above is ALSO not acceptable, I just dove head first into being labelled an extremist. Fine. Call me whatever you want. My views aren't going to budge and nor will the views of the other 75 million people just like me. I almost want to believe that they spew this kind of vitriol with the intention of further dividing us as a nation. That's what I used to believe. Now, I fully understand that they're making a run for the finish line which is to usher in an absolute New World Order. It's not a conspiracy theory; it's a well established fact and or goal of the elite. How many demonstrations of "rules for thee but not for me" do you really need to see before it sinks in?

The problem becomes finding a way to "co-exist" with an irrational mob, which, is what they have become. There are many layers to this onion, no doubt. We, as rational people, must remember that these people who front the professionally offended line are emotionally unstable thanks to the media's deliberate divisionary tactics. They've drawn an ominous line in the sand. We're past the point of no return.

Dare I question what's next?

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