Prepping is Now Racist

It's the NY Times. What do you expect?

Think back to the beginning of this pandemic. Suddenly, people understood what it meant to be prepared when the first lockdown orders started to surface. Naturally, those who weren't ready for such an event took it to the extreme and began hoarding basic goods. Raise your hand if the onset of this pandemic was business as usual for you and yours? For a nanosecond, I thought, maybe, just maybe, the world was ready to embrace the basic ideologies of all things prepping and survival.

I should have known better.

For the record, apocrypha or apokryphos in Greek means to reveal a hidden truth. So, in a sense, those who are apocalyptically minded are firmly planted in reality and are willing to peel back the layers to expose all that is hidden. What does this tell you about the NY Times use of the term "apocalyptically minded"? It should tell you that if you seek the truth, you are an enemy. Why? If they can bend your reality, you'll join them in the pit of despair where they wallow. If there's one thing abundantly clear about the left, they truly do have a serious disconnect with reality.

Why would the left want any of us to be independent? If you're reliant on the powers that be to survive, you'll do anything to eat and or to feed your family. On the contrary, if you are capable of surviving this kind of social catastrophe, your independence just might be contagious.

So, those of us who think forward and ahead with the notion that anything can happen at any time are back being labelled heretics. Only an idiot would subscribe to the notion that the government will provide for all of our needs. Regardless of your genetics, being prepared has always been and will always be common sense.

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