How to purify water using Hot Rocks  

When you can’t bring your water to the heat source, bring the heat source to your water. Use hot rocks if you have no container that can withstand direct fames.  As mentioned on previous pages, find a lightweight pot to add to your SHTF stock.  


  • If you have no container at all, you can use hot rocks wherever the water may be as long as it’s enclosed in some way (a puddle, a Gypsie Well, inside a woven basket, etc.)


  • Gather about 5 or so good sized rocks (between a golf ball and a baseball). You can use smaller rocks but you will need more of them.


  • If you have a large source, use bigger rocks. If you’re attempting to purify a small quantity of water, use smaller rocks so that you’re not wasting the water.


  • Add the rocks directly to your fire and make sure they’re on hot coals and engulfed in the fire. Avoid the dirt and the edge of the fire. (The center of the fire is the hottest.)


  • Let them sit in the fire for 15 to 30 minutes depending on their size. Smaller rocks will require less time in the heat.


  • Using sticks, oven mitts or tongs -- add the rocks to your water.


  • The water will start to boil right away depending on how hot the rocks are. Remember to let it boil for AT LEAST 1 minute and up to 3 minutes if the water source was particularly nasty.




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