Hidden and Restricted Water Sources  

#1 Buy one of these:

What are they used for?

It’s called a sillcock key or a 4 way water key. If you’re paying attention to the sides of buildings, you might start to see hose bibs that would accommodate these keys. They’re inexpensive and a MUST HAVE for your BOB.

Sillcock keys provide access to restricted sources of water. They’re used by maintenance people, construction workers and the fire department. If you’re wondering why water would need to be locked down on the sides of buildings – those protections are in place to help prevent people stealing water.

Unfortunately, in our world, water is not free. While a business may be nice enough to provide a drinking fountain for there customers, or employees. They do not want someone hooking up a hose, to take gallons of water.

But in a SHTF situation, nobody will be paying there water bill.  So, if you are lucky enough to find a place that still has water pressure, then this key can provide easy access.

How to use them:

When you approach the hose bib, use each end of the water key until you find the size that fits. It will lock into place then, turn on the water.

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