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  About "Me"  

I’m nobody important. I’m just a nurse with a hobby.


Unfortunately, I’ve been through hell and back which only strengthened my drive to survive and prepare for the unforeseen. The details of those experiences -- I’ll keep to myself.


I often wonder what, besides self proclamation, denotes an “expert”. If there’s one thing I’ve learned over the years it’s that absolutely nothing can prepare you 100% for absolutely everything that life throws at you. Trust me when I tell you that everything changes when it -- whatever it may be -- lands on your doorstep. 


When you come to terms with just how fragile life can be, that’s when you realize you need faith and knowledge as much as you do ‘stuff’ to make it through the hard times. Survival and prepping is a way of life and a mindset. If you keep your cool, don’t be a hero and attempt to learn everything that you can, life’s roadblocks tend to become less problematic. When I had this epiphany many years ago, I started taking notes.


I mean that literally.


The Apocalyptic Cookbook started out as a collection of handwritten notes to self. Over the years, it morphed into about 11 volumes of information. Someone close to me suggested sharing this information with like minded people and well, here you are.


If we're anything alike, you probably hate advertisements as much as I do. As long as I am able, this site will remain advertisement free. If ever there comes a time when I can't do this anymore, I'd rather tear the whole thing down than sink a single Google Ad on any part of this website. If there ever *is* an advertisement, you can bet that I vet every bit of it to include product testing myself. I absolutely loathe the idea that some board of directors whose only concern is which golf club to use would have even a modicum of control over any part of me or my content. Not. Going. To. Happen. 

Alas, I have to pay the bills just like everyone else. That means I have to keep that pesky day job. And, that also means I have very little time to actually put together an interactive, informative, CENSORSHIP FREE, ADVERTISEMENT FREE website. (If you're a website designer, have some spare time and share my disdain for corporate control over content -- help me out?)  If you're so inclined, please consider buying the books. That, in addition to the aforementioned pesky day job is how WE sustain ourselves. 

Oh, and I'm supposed to mention something about cookies? Yeah, no. This website doesn't track anything. I can't find my car keys (while holding them no less) half the time. Trust that I don't have time to track where you're browsing, what you're looking at or targeting you in some "BUY NOW" scheme. All I altruistically want -- is for you to be prepared. None of us at the Apocalyptic Cookbook are competing with anyone. We hope EVERYONE makes it. 

So that about wraps it up. If you have any questions, suggestions (be nice!), good jokes or easy cheesecake recipes, feel free to email me. It's probably easier to just follow me on Facebook if you want some laughs. No, really, check it out. We do have a facebook "page" but that's one of those "if there's time in the day" things. The meme's though. . . that one's on me.



Pray for peace, prep for the worst and always hold onto hoping for the best!


May God Bless your endeavors,