You must be really bored to have read through this. So, what's with this site? Well, it started as a personal collection of survival/prepping related sites, links, downloads and all of that in anticipation of an actual SHTF situation (from the practical job loss and no money all the way up to nuclear war). That's still the point with the only difference being, today, I actually want to help YOU achieve the same level of preparednes zen that many seasoned preppers feel. Once you're prepared and I mean truly as prepared as you can be, you'll shrug your shoulders and carry on business as usual with most setbacks.


This site is as off the radar as it can be, meaning there are very few SEO's and there's no connection to any of the big tech's tracking mechanisms. If you're here, it wasn't because some search engine pointed you in our direction. You're probably here because a) someone told you about it or b) you've seen some reference to it on social media. 

Speaking of social media, please notice that there are no links to the usual social media sites anywhere to be found. It'll stay that way too. Social media is a platform exclusively for the left and has become an echo chamber. No one affiliated with this site has time for that. You're free to share whatever you want on whatever platform you prefer but we have opted to gracefully bow out of Babylon. 






There are no ads on this site because hell will freeze over before we let advertisers on some corporate board dictate what we can and cannot post. We also will not bow to the irrational demands of 'social injustice' nor will we throw up banners in solidarity with any special interest group. We will not ask permission to exist, because frankly, we owe them nothing. This site isn't dependent on advertiser revenue. If you want to crowd-source and help pay for it -- awesome. It's not an expectation nor will it ever be. We will keep this going for as long as we can with or without help from anyone.

Keep in mind that our goal is to promote self-sufficiency in any way that we can which sometimes involves uncomfortable conversations. We can't have uncomfortable conversations with anyone if we have to get permission to speak. To that end and this is directed at all things big tech/advertisers, keep your money. Remember, half the reason they want to silence people is so that you and I are as unprepared as possible. That way, you'll be dependent on their 'programs' and will, by default, be as obedient as you have to be in order to eat. That's not us. We're not controllable and with enough practice, you won't be either.

If YOU (the little guy, the home town business, the independent book writer, the woman who crafts unique goods and it is geared toward survival and prepping) want to sell something, we can discuss it but please keep in mind that I will never allow anything illegal, pornographic or illicit in any way. If I won't let Google advertise here, what would make you so special? I have incredibly limited space where such an ad would go but the answer is always 'no' until you ask. There is a "barter and trade" group available. This is the only place on this site where 'ads' are technically allowed. 


The Library



Somewhere on this site is a file library so that you can upload your PDF's, advertise your e-book on survival related content and download your own survival library too. To be honest, I just wanted a central place to find usable info without the ads and pop-ups. I cannot nor will I accept responsibility for any of them. Use them at your own risk.


If you should find one that is dated, dead wrong or just poorly formatted, let me know and I will pull it from the library. If you want to upload your own survival / preparedness / how-to PDF, create a post in the appropriate forum. I will review it and if it matches what we're looking for, I'll add it giving you full credit. Remember, this is a "file share" component that is designed for PDF's only. We cannot nor will we allow any other format at this time.


Forums Terms of Service


Now that Parler has been kicked off the internet and most 'news' sites limit commentary, it's obvious that there needs to exist a place where people can discuss current events, politics, preparedness plans and all that without being harassed by big tech and their cronies. I don't care where you fall on the political spectrum, what you look like or if you believe in the Easter Bunny. That's on you. Once upon a time, in an alternate universe far far away, people used to be able to "agree to disagree" and leave it at that. Well, that ship has sailed. We're now fully engaged in a culture war where censorship and the thought police have full control over most internet content. 

I said 'most' for a reason. I'm sure you've heard of the term "dark web" before. Well, technically, this site would constitute "dark web" but not for any nefarious reasons. The simple truth behind the nomenclature is that 'dark web' implies that a website is dark because it can't be seen by search engines. I've done astonishingly little to promote or advertise this site or anything on it and for good reason. SEOs or Search Engine Optimizations allow big tech to attach your site to their search results. That said, we've opted to have as few of those as possible. In truth, we don't want to be found. What we want is to create a snowflake-free environment for like-minded people in order to have rational (and sometimes uncomfortable) discussions without the boxed, echo chamber mentality. In short, this section has been affectionately dubbed 'the conservative safe space'.

You cannot take social media seriously. Remember when we all had a healthy respect for privacy? It's blindingly obvious that social media platforms are simply a conduit through which the powers that be can gather data on you and what you think. . .  Trust me, they will use it against you at some point. We did try to create a facebook page for this site but never really did anything with it -- it may even still be functional, we really don't know. We do post interesting articles from time to time on an infrequent basis but please understand, it is absolutely not our priority.


Today, words typed on a screen now define who we are as people without the abstract notions of tone, intention and or poor vocabulary. Ah, the good old days of having some kind of control over what comes out of your mouth with the expectation that whomever you're speaking to will also have some kind of control over their reaction. In order for THESE forums to work, we need you to jump into your mental time machine and remember that. 

If you're going to use the forums, please understand that with pesky day jobs, we don't have the time to babysit the comments or commenters. We do make an attempt to comb over anything new at least once per day. Should there be an obvious "controlled opposition" post, it will likely be moved to the 'infiltrators' or quarantine boards. Then, you decide the commenter's fate with a simple up/down vote. We'll let the public decide what they are. Either way, we're not responsible for what the public at large says nor will we remove a comment because we disagree with it. It's time that we all put on our big boy/girl panties and simply move on to the next post if a post is offensive and or deliberately inflammatory. We'll get to it when we can.


Basic Forum Rules


1) Absolutely no porn. No porn whatsoever. 

2) No selling of anything but e-books. If you want to advertise, you can email me and we can discuss it. 

3) No deliberately inflammatory statements. Don't use obvious words that are going to get you banned anywhere else.

4) Keep privacy in mind when you post here. We don't want your info but big brother just might.

5) I'll keep this thing going as long as I can. Consider chipping in to donate to help keep it free.

6) If you're easily offended or fall into the "snowflake" category, please be advised that no one will coddle you here. If you post on these forums, you need to have thick enough skin to withstand (*gasp*) other people's opinions.

7) ALL of these rules are subject to change with or without notice. 




Groups are meant to provide a quasi-private place to share ideas, discuss current events and help each other with SHTF prepping, survival and of course, maintaining our sanity in these crazy times. Keep in mind that we're not watching who joins these groups. We expect that if you post it here, you'd have no  problem saying it in front of a judge. The difference between a group here and a group on other social media platforms is that we're not slapping insulting and often incorrect 'fact checkers' on anything. We also aren't tracking your data to sell nor are we invested in promoting an agenda. You are literally going off the virtual grid to detox from main stream social media chaos.


There are some groups that require exclusivity. We realize that this is the ultimate no-no on other social media platforms. We don't believe in open borders, so, if someone has an issue with that, they can save it for the ACLU. Groups that require exclusivity are based on mental attributes, beliefs and thought processes. If someone is personally wrapped up in their own genetics and needs accolades because of those genetics, they've most definitely come to the wrong place. We personally guarantee that no one from our end will offer puppy cuddles or coddling to those who are offended by being denied entry into a group. 

Feel free to make your own group as long as it follows all the same rules that would be expected of you anywhere else. Just remember, there is no expectation of privacy anymore. That's not on us. You can thank the Patriot Act for that. Groups made here are meant to offer a digital space to breathe a little knowing that we aren't your enemy (Ephesians 6:12). It's imperative to remember that there will always be controlled opposition and or infiltrators everywhere. They are bacteria that insists on spreading their vile desire to bring you down.

We did opt to offer a "Barter and Trade" group. This is the only place you can sell or trade your goods on this site. Every bit of sales or trades made through this group are between buyer and seller. We have absolutely nothing to do with any of that. Our advice is to handle it the same way you would when shopping in person. Do it in a public, well lit place and make sure you know how to get a refund or pursue the seller if you're unhappy. Let's face it. The reality is that it's only a matter of time before you can't buy or sell without the mark. 


Also -- if you're going to use the Barter/Trade Group, make sure you read this first: https://support.wix.com/en/article/wix-payments-restricted-and-prohibited-products-and-services

Thanks for taking the time to read this.




This site is in a perpetual state of evolution. As it grows (if it grows), many features may change with or without notice.

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