You must be really bored to have read through this. So, what's with this site? There are no ads because hell will freeze over before I let advertisers on some corporate board dictate what I can and cannot post. This includes your comments in the forum section. There are only limited times when we'll delete a comment and those reasons should be obvious. We're not babysitters but we're also not stupid enough to put up with random nonsense.

This site is all about common sense preparing and survival. We try to cover everything from the practical sudden job loss and no money all the way up to all out nuclear war. If there's a way to simplify the situation, make it make sense or offer reasonable advice -- that's what we'll do. We're not pretending to be experts.

Somewhere on this site is a file library so that you can upload your PDF's, advertise your e-book on survival related content and download your own survival library too. To be honest, I just wanted a central place to find usable info without the ads and pop-ups. 

I'm no one important. I'm just a nurse with a hobby. Thanks for taking the time to read this. I hope whatever you find on this site is somehow helpful to you in some way.

   The Apocalyptic Cookbook  

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There are no ads or annoying popups on this site whatsoever and for good reason. Hell will freeze over before I let advertisers take control of my content. If you like what you see, help us keep it free from ads. Donate here: PayPal | Subscribe Star | Patreon  Side note: I don't use "cookies" but apparently WIX does (the designer I use).